The HuD Group (The Human Development Group) is a dynamic, international, Christian not-for-profit network and movement focused on the development of holistic Emerging and Established Leaders. ‘Emerging Leaders’ may not necessarily be just younger leaders; they may be older people whose leadership potential is now more fully emerging. We emphasize personal and interpersonal public leadership.


1. It is leaders who form missional communities and make them flourish, fulfilling the mission of God.

2. If there is any ONE thing that shapes our world its Leadership—“Everything rises and falls on leadership” (John C. Maxwell).

3.   The need for global leadership has never been greater—every second 4 babies are born!

4.    Leadership is not just caught, it must be taught.

5.    There are many more people that come to faith in Christ than there are people to lead them, resulting in gross ‘post-harvest losses.’

6.    Eighty-five percent of churches in the world are led by men and women who have no formal training in theology or ministry.

7.    If every Christian training institute in the world operated at 120% capacity, less than 10% of the unequipped leaders would be trained.

8.    The best use of resources for maximum impact is to lead leaders rather than training followers. These leaders, in turn, impact the rest of church and/or society.



1.    Statistically Smart thing to do: There are more young people on earth than ever before in the history of the world—86% live in the developing world. Forty-one percent (41%) of Africa is under the age of 15.

2.    Significantly Safer thing to do: They are most vulnerable, teachable and hungry before ‘hardening of the attitudes’ begins and they get ‘set in their ways.’

3.    Strategically Sensible thing to do: Emerging Leaders are not only future leaders, they shape the future today!

4.    Scripturally Sound thing to do: they hold a special place in God’s scheme of things. Prophetically, they are the movers and shakers of these times.



1.    There are significant knowledge, character and skills gaps that are neither adequately catered for by church nor school.

2.    The false dichotomy between competence and character development, the secular and sacred, and personal and public leadership development leaves much to be desired.

3.    The Holy Scriptures have something to say regarding everything and every sphere of human endeavor. Invariably, each facet of life affects the other.

4.    There are principles for every aspect of life.  Following principles in one aspect of life (eg. academic, spiritual) does not exempt one from the consequences of not following principles in another aspect of life (eg. health, finances, social).

5.    Like God the Creator, we care about the total man (spirit, soul, body) and ALL human issues especially those with eternal repercussions—“What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul.”  Salvation is about the total man and the totality of life.


To engage hearts, enlighten heads and empower hands of emerging and established leaders as we inspire, equip and connect them to discover, develop and deploy their God-given identity, purpose and resources to reach their full potential as holistic persons and maximum impact in every sphere as effectual missional communities.


In every sphere, a movement of inspired, informed and invested people of godly influence.


HuD Charity is run by a Board which appoints a CEO, assisted by an executive team heading up the various units:


1. HuD Souls

Passionately reaches the lost for Christ through 4 Ls: Lips, Literature, Love and Lives.


2. HuD Institute

Develops and organizes life-transforming seminars and workshops.  Some of these are Discovery Bible Study, What Will Trinity Do (WWTD), Operation Purpose, Start Right…End Big, On Course, Financial Whizzdom, Laws of Leadership, Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, Emotionally Healthy Relationships etc.


3. HuD Forum

Creates fora and special events that edutain. These include seXsense Summit, Hope Alive! Concerts, YouthPower! Conferences and National Youth Rallies.


4. HuD Movement

Responsible for our communal, church, university/college and high school small groups, HuD Movement works with HuD Institute to design and coordinate programs and clubs. There are several outreaches to junior/senior high schools every year as well as to numerous tertiary institutions. The Movement follows up and engages the ‘alumni’ of our programs or individuals and groups that have had prior direct or indirect contact with our People, Products, Places or Projects.


5.  The Mine

Library of inspirational literature and audiovisuals stocking great titles from the world’s most renowned motivational and spiritual writers.


6. HuD Factory

Publishes and churns out all The HuD Group’s physical products and multimedia eg. books, T-shirts, stickers, branded stationery and audiovisuals.


7. HuD Market

Publicizes our People, Programs, Products, Places and Projects through corporate image management (PR/Communications and Branding), Sales and Promotions, Marketing and Market Research.


8. HuD Fund

The HuD Fund is responsible for raising friends and funds to sustain the work of The HuD Group as a charitable organization.


9. HuD Finance

Responsible for all financial undertakings and transactions of the group in a transparent and professional manner, serving all units of HuD Charity.


10. HuD Operations

Provides administrative, logistical and legal services to each of the units of HuD Charity, including the Office of the CEO.


11. HuD Clinic

Takes care of The HuD Group’s total Human Resources (HR) needs and consults for other individuals and NGOs as well.  The HuD Clinic organizes monthly HuDdles for staff and members of The HuD Group.


12. HuD Projects

Various special projects and special outreach initiatives including ALIncubator are collaborations between the various HuD units and external partners.

Why You Should Join

  • Develop your full potential to fulfill your God-given purpose
  • Professional/Career development
  • Become a leadership and life coach
  • Network with purpose-driven people

What is Required of Members


Live the HuD culture (Link up with God; Live; Love; Learn; Leave a good legacy) and be a worthy ambassador of The HuD Group


Consistently HuDdle together for inspiration, instruction and empowerment and thereafter go out to inspire & empower others


Support the ministry with your time (volunteering), treasure (finance) and talents


Complete membership progression courses


Commit to reading the entire Bible and the supplementary manual and books recommended


Complete personal projects and assignments including developing a personal mission statement

Serve With Us

Reach out to us via any of the options listed below.

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