7 Must-Have Skills For Success | Not Fully Taught In School & Church

7 Must-Have Skills For Success | Not Fully Taught In School & Church

My heart grieves every time a life is destroyed, a future ruined or an opportunity lost due to lack of knowledge. Lawyers say “ignorance is no defence or excuse!” I believe this applies to general life too.

To succeed and experience meaning, we have to balance the major aspects of life. All need attention. All have principles that govern them. Each of them has the potential to destroy a life when neglected.

Skill means the ability or capacity, that comes through training or experience, to do something with excellence.

A skill is like the software in a computer or phone, when it’s not up to date, the gadget won’t work well. Without the following skills, you’ll take longer to succeed or fail.

We all have a certain measure of these skills but they need to be developed or updated for the times we are in and for the different situations we find ourselves.

As a life and leadership coach with Yaw Perbi Team, my purpose as a coach is to help you set and achieve smart goals for these 7 important skills:

#1: Personal Life Skills

Among humans, the one VIP you need to know before anyone else is YOU. Before you step out to conquer the world, first know yourself. What is your life purpose? Personality? Values? How do you manage your time and take care of your mental and physical health?

Without self-awareness and self-care, attaining success will be full of struggles and setbacks. After all, you’ll love others as you love yourself!

#2: Spiritual Life Skills

We’re spirits in a physical body. Without the body, we can’t operate on earth. Interestingly, spiritual beings in the universe desire to dwell in and use human bodies.

As you might know already, there are two major sources of spiritual force rule on earth – God or Satan. No human being can be neutral as regards their spiritual allegiance. Have you settled this issue of which spiritual being you believe in and why?

We need the skills of building and maintaining our spiritual lives. Practices like Bible reading, prayer and fellowship with others impact our inner lives in great ways. King Solomon wrote, “Guard your heart above all else.” Proverbs 4:23.

#3: People skills

People matter in life. We can’t do without others in life. They can build or destroy us.

Peer pressure can push you into big trouble and good peer influence can pull you out of trouble!

Here we need the skills of how to value, network and cultivate flourishing relationships with family, relatives, friends, workmates and brethren. Are the people in your life an asset or a liability?

#4: Sex Smart Skills

Sex is so powerful. It’s beautiful and fun when handled right but can ruin a life when misused. Millions of people have died and others are in bondage due to their inability to tame their sexual appetite.

Sex smart skills help you to understand the power, purpose and perils of sex. Then you can have a plan to overcome sexual temptations and live a sexually pure life, free from addictions and the drama that accompanies sexual sins.

#5: Personal Finance Skills

Money is powerful too. You’ve probably come across, ‘Man-made money. Money made man mad!’

People do crazy things for money. And if those who make money in the right way, how they handle it has the potential to make them happy or miserable.

We need to become financially literate, know how to build wealth and become financially stable. Are you trained in handling money God’s way?

#6: Public Speaking & Negotiation Skills

Life demands that we present our ideas and negotiate with others to get what we want. This happens right from home, in the market, at work and in other places.

To succeed in life, we need to apply the principles of how to negotiate win-win and speak confidently, candidly and impactfully.

#7: Leadership Skills

We can’t achieve our personal and professional goals alone. The bigger the goal, the better the team we need to achieve the goal.

When you combine the above skills and other skills like building teams, building your competence and influencing others to get things done, then you’re developing your leadership skills.

Now, which of these 7 skills did you learn in your school and church? How has it impacted your life?

The HuD Group and Pass On Leadership Africa exist to pass on these 7 skills. Read about the signs you need a coach ASAP and how to find the right coach for you.

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