The HuD Group Celebrates 20 Years of Inspiring and Empowering Established and Emerging Leaders and Launches Legacy Projects

The HuD Group Celebrates 20 Years of Inspiring and Empowering Established and Emerging Leaders and Launches Legacy Projects

The HuD Group, is a trailblazing organization dedicated to nurturing and raising established and emerging leaders, proudly announces its 20th-anniversary celebrations and the launch of two significant legacy projects.

The media and legacy projects launch will take place on June 16th, 2023 at The British Council in Accra.
Over the past two decades, The HuD Group has played a pivotal role in empowering young people to discover their purpose, unlock their potential, and positively impact on society. Through its transformative programs, products, people and places, the organization has fostered a global community of inspired individuals who have gone on to achieve remarkable feats.

Under the theme “Amplify: Inspired People Influencing Places,” The HuD Group’s 20th-anniversary celebration aims to highlight the profound impact that its network of leaders has had on various communities around the world. The year long celebration will serve as a platform to showcase the extraordinary accomplishments and stories of individuals whose lives have been positively transformed through their association with The HuD Group.
The highlight of the launch will be a keynote address delivered by the distinguished Mr. Patrick Awuah, a visionary leader, a friend and mentor to The HuD Group and renowned advocate for education and social change. Mr. Awuah’s insights and experiences will undoubtedly inspire and resonate with the members, media and nation, further reinforcing The HuD Group’s mission and vision.

Madam Madam Yawa Hansen-Quao an astute leader who has spent her entire career unlocking opportunities for women and young people across Africa will grace the occasion and provide valuable guidance and leadership. Additionally, the Founder of The HuD Group, Dr. Yaw Perbi, will share reflections on the organization’s incredible journey and express gratitude for the collective achievements.

The HuD Group will also unveil three significant legacy projects aimed at making a lasting impact.
#Project 1: Established Leaders mentoring Emerging Leaders
20 spectacular established leaders mentoring 20 promising emerging leaders yearly till our 25th anniversary. This project focuses on mentoring emerging leaders, fostering a culture of mentorship and guidance to inspire the next generation of change-makers.

# Outreach 20,000: Spreading the message of holistic leadership to 20,000 rural youth!
This project aims to inspire and empower 20,000 young people in rural areas of Ghana, equipping them with the necessary skills and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

#Read2Lead: In partnership with Perbi Cubs’ Kanéval to sponsor a public school and to digitalize The Mine.
This project aims to encourage the culture of reading amongst young to appreciate the inseparable connection between a leader and reading.

The HuD Group’s media and legacy projects launch promises to be a moment of inspiration, reflection, and renewed commitment to making a positive difference in Ghana (where it all started), the continent of Africa and the world at large.
Members of the media are cordially invited to attend and cover this remarkable event to kickstart the anniversary celebrations.

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